Graffiti Removal
Surface Restoration

Vacu-Blast is a graffiti removal & surface restoration service, using no water or chemicals.

It is a negative pressure jet cleaning system that we can apply to a multitude of surfaces. Unlike conventional high pressure cleaning systems, the Vacu-Blast cleans without the use of water or chemicals, making it suitable for both internal and external surface cleaning.

Our proven methodology allows us to transform any damaged surface back to its original condition gently cleaning and removing unwanted contaminants such as graffiti, mould, rust and water marking.

100% Eco-friendly

Our system operates within a closed circuit cleaning cycle, which produces no harmful emissions or hazardous waste as a by-product of its use. The process filters out any contaminants, which are collected within an enclosed chamber for responsible disposal.

The Vacu-Blast advanced cleaning and restoration solution is ideal for residential, commercial and community-based properties. Let us help you maximise your return by presenting your home or commercial property in its pristine "as new" original condition