Stone & Brickwork Restoration
Vacu-Blast can restore surface colour and architectural design features without impact to the original structure, returning just about any surface to its original condition.

At Vacu-Blast we are committed to the preservation and restoration of both historic structures and modern buildings. Specialising in exterior building cleaning, we have applied our proven technology to statues, ornamental walls and stone structures that have suffered the effects of weathering, watermarking or even fire damage, providing an eco-friendly alternative to high-pressure water and chemical cleaning.


Thanks to our innovative vacuum blast methodology, restoring and removing contaminants such as graffiti or rust staining from brickwork presents no challenge producing the perfect result without residue or hazardous by-products affecting your environment.

No matter what type of brick facade your property or residence, the Vacu-Blast cleaning methodology can cope with even the most stubborn staining and contaminants!


The Vacu-Blast advanced cleaning system removes all impurities from sandstone, limestone and natural stone facades thoroughly and gently.

Whether it's residue from fumes, industrial waste, dust, rust, tyre marks, graffiti, moss or algae, the Vacu-Blast completely removes all unwanted substances without damaging the stone´s surface. Our technology removes contaminants layer by layer restoring stonework to its original pristine condition.