Brick & Stone Restoration

Restoring Your Brick and Stone Surfaces with VacuBlast

At VacuBlast, we’re proud to provide a superior stone restoration and brick cleaning service. Brick buildings and constructs are the primary structures across Melbourne and Sydney and therefore require the appropriate management to maintain appeal. We can restore stone and brick surfaces to original architectural condition using our abrasive blasting technologies. Our team are committed to the cleaning and restoration of both historic structures and modern buildings, providing a solution formulated around the removal of unwanted mortar, cement, paint and various coatings for remediation or refurbishment projects.

Specialising in the Sandblasting of commercial properties and heritage projects, our fully mobile service performs on-site restoration assistance for a variety of surfaces including brick facades, concrete structures, construction buildings, sandstone and exposed aggregate surfaces. Whether you need stone restoration in Melbourne or sandblasting brick services, we can provide an eco-friendly alternative to chemical cleaning or acid washing.

When it comes to stone restoration and brick cleaning in Melbourne & Sydney, we boast a highly skilled and dependable Sandblasting team dedicated to customer satisfaction. Through our professional approach to every project, our clients have the confidence of liaising with a workforce capable of achieving their desired results.

Our fully mobile service can come to you for restoration of the following surfaces:

  • Brick Facades – We can restore brick facades to ensure they are presented in original architectural condition
  • Commercial Properties & Buildings – Our stone and brick restoration for Melbourne businesses ensures that your building looks as presentable and inviting as possible.
  • Stone facades – Our specialists utilise the latest equipment and techniques to restore stone facades for residential properties and businesses alike.
  • Driveways & Paths – If your driveways and pathways are deteriorating, we provide a solution to restore the original appeal.
  • Sandstone Surfaces – The experienced team at VacuBlast can restore Sandstone surfaces to original architectural condition, removing paint, coatings and stains.
  • And other stone and brick surfaces – We have a solution for all Brick and Stone Surfaces in Melbourne.

Our Technology

To complete brick and stone restoration projects, we utilise Wet & Dry abrasive blasting technology to sandblast stone, brick and masonry  surfaces, effectively removing rust, paint, epoxy coatings, and stains. Our eco-friendly method is suitable for stone and brick driveways, walls, paths and more.  Our Sandblasting technique uses a variety of abrasives consisting of Crushed Glass and Garnet, efficiently cutting and removing unwanted surface contaminants whilst preserving the surface profile. Possessing also the ability to carefully regulate and monitor the blasting pressure of our machinery, ensuring no damage is caused to the underlying surfaces throughout the restoration process.

Suitable for internal brick, our vacuum blasting technology can remove contaminants from a number of brick and stone surfaces. This innovative abrasive blasting technique uses negative pressure to blast within an enclosed chamber, simultaneously cleaning whilst recycling waste and abrasive, making it an eco-friendly choice that has a no impact on the surrounding environment.

We Deliver

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Whether its paint, coating, cement or mortar, we can efficiently remove all unwanted substances without causing damage to a stone or brick surface. Our technology removes contaminants layer by layer, restoring the surface to its original condition. To learn more or make a booking for our brick cleaning and stone restoration in Melbourne & Sydney, call VacuBlast today on 1300 986 877.